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TOYOTA MR2 2000-07 LSD Bolton Lambo Doors

  • Model: 50056002
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  • Manufactured by: LSD Doors
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Pre-assembled LSD hinges with gas shock
Mounting hardware for hinges
Wire set for vehicle specific extensions of wire harnesses including mounting material
Insulated wire connectors including flexible insulation tape
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*Dismantling and slight modification of the fender might be necessary.
*Only 3-door models.
*The wire harness extension is necessary.
*The standard blinker at the fender has to be slightly modified or replaced.
*Vehicles with airbags in the doors - the functionality of the airbag needs to be tested after the wire harness is extended.
*LSD GRS (Guided Roller System: LSD hinge with adjustable roller guide
Safety and quality are LSDs highest priorities. Valuable research and development of materials and data is integrated into our LSD product. Click here to see the crashtest of a brand new Audi TT equipped with LSD doors. The lateral deformation of the hinges is an important safety aspect. LSD hinges have been tested against the hinges of our competitors. To see the result, please click here.

Side impact test according to ECE-R 95 and EG guideline 96/27/EWG
A side impact test on an Audi TT equipped with LSD door hinges has been conducted by the DEKRA Accident Research and Crash Test Center according to ECE-R 95 and EG guideline 96/27/EWG. A moving barrier accelerated to 50 km/h (30 mph) to impact 100% of the side of the vehicle. A dummy (type Euro-SID 1) was utilized to measure the passenger protection and to identify the loads on head, chest, abdomen and pelvis. The side impact test impressively proved: vehicles equipped with LSD doors offer the necessary protection and guarantee optimum safety for their passengers. The crashtest video can be viewed from three different camera angles.

Tensile Force Comparative Test according to EWG guideline 70/387/EWG
The force increases permanently to 9.000 Newton. The test takes about 10 minutes for each hinge (shown here in fast motion). The force gradually decreases after reaching the maximum force. Each hinge is now measured how far it is reforming to its original shape