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About the VDC Kit

About the VDC Kit

Why Should You buy From Vertical Doors Inc.?

With our Vertical Doors, Inc. kits your ride will keep its factory look and feel while you are driving but the moment you stop and raise your doors you will experience a whole new level of attention that no other upgrade can give you.

Vertical Doors, Inc. kits are proudly made and patented in the United States and are bolt-on kits made specifically for your particular vehicle. We manufacture the best kits, with the best quality and the best customer service our kits are the strongest and most affordable for the quality. Our line-up includes all the major vehicle manufacturers.

If you have any questions during installation, we have our techs on hand to answer any question before, during, or after your installation process.

Vertical Doors Inc is the manufacturer of the vertical door kit, the kits are well designed and put through a R&D process before we release any application. Made and manufactured in USA

We have a warranty on all of our kits, and shocks. If you have any problems with your products, we warranty it. Just keep the original invoice from your authorized dealer.

Product Liability
For Dealers and shops selling our product are backed up by Vertical Doors Inc support, and Warranty, and also have protection from product liability when you sell the Vertical Doors Inc product.

Infringed Products (BEWARE OF COPIES)
Beware of other distributors / shops / Internet sites using our name to sell the copy version kit that will not fit your car. Make sure you are getting the VERTICAL DOORS INC. Name brand. The copy version of our kits which are made in China. These companies utilize low-grade steel which will eventually ruin your paint, and bend your fender, and may cause your door to even fall off. Just remember, you get what you pay for !

Patented Technology
Vertical Doors Inc. has a USA U.S. PATENT #7,941,897; #7,552,514; #6,808,223 #6,845,547; #7,140,075; #7,059,655; AND OTHER PATENTS PENDING and will take action under court of law for any infringement involved. If you know any company that may be involved in a patent infringement of our product, please contact us, and reward may be available upon this information.


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